What are the different types of radiant floor heating systems?

People have blessed with a radiant floor heating system many years ago. The Roman Empire is the root of radiant floor heating. Romans had a device for hot air heating known as the hypocaust. This method involved heating the air in a cavity below the floor and turns the cold hair into warm the air. The Romans heated the air in the cavity with a furnace. They produced heat by hand-feeding the cavity with wood on a standard basis.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating

Presently, heated floors Calgary are available in the market in two types. They are hydronic heating and electric heating:

  1. Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric resistance cables are used in an electric radiant floor heating for emitting heat. The heating system has a variety of different styles, but cables embedded in a thin mat are the most common type. Below the tiles, laminate floors, engineered wood, and stone floors electric radiant floor heating system can be installed. The heating mat is also ideal for upgrades. The mat attaches to a thermostat controller so that you can select the right temperature settings. The thermostat can either set manually or a timer can also be used. For example, you can warm up your floor before waking up by setting a timer. It will offer you a warm and welcoming floor.

For mounting electric heating mats, first of all, order the pieces from a manufacturer. Then tie the pieces together so that it can fit well on the floor. You can’t cut electric mats into vanities and drains. Sometimes, manufacturers design heating mats to be stapled between floor joists. This concept allows you to install a radiant heating system without removing the flooring.

  1. Hydronic Radiant System

Hydronic Radiant floor heating system is also called a hot water radiant system. The system has hot water, which passes through the interconnected polyethylene pipeline. You can embed tubes in the thick plywood subfloor panels or the mortar with pre-cut channels for holding the tubing in place. The hydronic floor heating systems are connected to a water heater and a pump for pumping and circulating the hot water inside the installed tubes. Then it is connected to a thermostat so that the temperature can be regulated. Hydronic heating systems are suitable for refurbishment and renovation, as the system can be used between floor joists. The systems are not appropriate for self-installation; a specialist should be hired.

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