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If you’re planning a home refurbishment project that includes the rear portion of your property, there is an improvement that is making a bit of a comeback that you should consider. They can transform your home, adding natural light and giving you a great indoor/outdoor space perfect for entertaining or just enjoying with your family – the answer is bifolding doors. Whether they are replacing existing sliding patio doors or a solid external wall, they consist of a series of glazed framed panels that, when opened, slide together like a concertina, completely opening your home into the garden. We’ll discuss how bifolding doors work and the benefits available to you, the homeowner.

The Bifolding System

While bifold doors are available off the shelf, they are generally designed and made to measure for a specific space; they use a track system flush with the ground and, as previously mentioned, slide to one side and the folded panels are secured against the far wall. Manufactured from several different materials such as Aluminium or Upvc, they require very little maintenance once installed and use anti-bump and finger-safe features to protect small children. For day-to-day use in the locked and fixed position, one panel of the bifolds operates as a normal back door and is referred to as the travel door. It is sometimes wrongly assumed that the increase in glazing reduces security, but this is not the case; multiple locking points and modern security technology mean they are more secure than sliding doors.

The Materials Used in Bifolds

Bifolding doors are manufactured using three different materials; let’s look at the pros and cons associated with them –

  • Timber – this is a classic choice, a sustainable, eco-friendly material with a natural finish that looks great but may require more maintenance and is expensive.
  • uPVC is a strong, budget-friendly, low maintenance option with great thermal efficiency. It does have limited design choices. Unfortunately, it isn’t recyclable, and waste Upvc ends up in landfills.
  • Aluminium – this strong, light metal is an increasingly popular choice; powder coating technology means no limit to available finishes, and it is environmentally friendly and sometimes called the green metal.

The flexibility of this versatile system means they work in both modern and traditional homes, enhancing properties of any size and adding value to any homeowner.

The Pros and Cons of Bifold Doors

As with any home improvement project that requires a substantial amount of your hard-earned cash, it is essential to investigate both the advantages and any difficulties. When installing bifolding doors, these are benefits –

  • Transforms the way your family lives.
  • Easy to maintain, virtually no maintenance needed.
  • Stylish design adds value to your home.
  • High-security features give you peace of mind.

As with any subject, there are always possible negative aspects to consider; with bifolding doors, these are –

  • If being used over a large area, they are expensive.
  • When folded and secured, they can take up space.
  • Poor installation can result in drainage problems.
  • Wrongly positioned bifolds can cause privacy issues.

Choosing to install bifolding doors is much more than your usual home improvement; they can completely transform and impact your quality of life. Their easy-to-use system and increased amount of healthy natural light mean you have a kitchen/garden space that you’ll delight in showing off to friends and neighbours.

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