The Benefits Of A Garage Storm Shelter

A garage storm shelter is a great option for those who want to add extra protection to their home. It provides a place to retreat to in the event of bad weather, and it can also be used as a safe room for antiques and other valuables.

When choosing a garage storm shelter, make sure it is sized properly for your family. It should also be able to handle flying debris and strong winds.


The best part of this type of shelter is the fact that it will sit right on your garage floor without a bit of construction or excavation. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about the weather and your car when the tornado decides to strike. As for the shelter itself, a good quality one is built to last a lifetime. The top notch quality materials and workmanship are reflected in a high-end price tag.

If you can afford it, consider adding some upscale features such as a ceiling fan, ceiling lighting and an electrical box to power it all. This may seem like a luxury, but the added comfort and convenience can make your storm-safe garage a welcome respite for you and your family when the blustery winds blow.


A garage storm shelter allows you to stay inside your home during bad weather, while keeping out flying debris. They are a great way to avoid leaving your house during an emergency, but it’s important that you pick a good one.

The door is usually the most important part of your storm shelter, and it should be large enough to accommodate all members of the family who may need to enter it in an emergency. Make sure the door is also made from a strong material that will resist debris impact.

The best doors are ones that have a label from an approved testing agency and are proven to resist debris impact and extreme wind pressure. These include a missile impact test that uses a 15-pound 2×4 traveling at 100 mph, and a static pressure test that tests the strength of the assembly when subjected to extreme wind stress. This is especially important if you live in tornado-prone areas, as a poorly designed door can cause your family serious harm.

Additional Amenities

Some people add additional amenities to their garage storm shelter to make it more comfortable for when they need to stay inside it for a long time. These amenities can include air ventilation, filtration systems and Internet access.

Another popular addition to a garage storm shelter is carpeting. This helps occupants to feel more at home in the shelter and can make it more comfortable to sleep in.

When considering adding carpeting to your storm shelter, you should take into account the amount of space available in your garage and what you plan on doing with it. Also, consider the size of the shelter and how many occupants will use it.

A garage storm shelter is a great way to protect your home from underground storms without having to leave it. It’s also easy to move to a new home, making it a perfect solution for those who live in areas with severe weather. Plus, it’s a lot less expensive than building a basement!

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