Maximizing Your Powers of BBQ

Since everyone is spending more time at home, it is more important than ever to work on our homes details and make our living space everything it can be; this includes the backyard. There are only so many things you can do with a backyard: A place for kids to play, a fancy garden, put in a pool, or turn it into an entertainment area. If you choose entertainment, you are going to be thinking about barbeque. Having the best barbeques setup is a noble and reachable goal. Barbecues are the best form of get-togethers, and you can become a legend with a great design.

  • Food Prep Area: Good barbeque depends on good prep and good facilities. A covered outdoor prep area with refrigeration, cupboards for supplies, a sink, and at least one prep island is ideal. Barbeque is best when everyone gets their food close to the same time. So, to avoid delays, you have all the condiments, salads, side dishes, and beverages on hand. It is also good to precook whatever can be done early. The focus then is on the grill. Learning how to pace the grill is essential. Try to have things ready to go, some halfway, and some just starting. Moving everything along, so it is only a few minutes between dishing out. A serving area would make everything perfect.
  • Get the Best Grill: A good grill has a lot of surface area and even heat throughout. Everything else is a distraction. It is best to have a grill built into the counter surface and gas hobs built-in, but why not a proper gas stove beside the grill to cook other dishes simultaneously. To eliminate smoke, you should look at some of the new BBQ rangehoods that are just the thing to take your cookout to the next level. You might also consider an oven for keeping things warm, and a microwave too.
  • Accommodations: Barbeque can be awkward when the guests have nowhere to put their plate down, and it is no fun to eat standing up either. Always make sure there are plenty of level surfaces, enough chairs for everyone, and plenty of places to put the rubbish. At least for the eating part of the event. Lighting can also be a consideration.

If you have the budget, building the ultimate backyard barbeque setup is something that you will get many years of satisfaction from, and it will also ensure that you will be high on everyone’s social scale. Done right, a great setup will also add value to your home, and just imagine all that fabulous food.

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