Make Your Life Easier with Space Saving Stairlifts in Rugby

When you are having trouble getting up and down the stairs, it can be very inconvenient. You may have heard of stairlifts, but your staircase might be narrow or have little space at the top or the bottom. In these cases, you can choose a space saving stairlift.

Best Stairlift for Saving Space

If you have a narrow staircase, you will want to get a special stairlift that can fold away when you are not using it. You might have a narrow landing at the top of the stairs, or you might not have much room at the bottom. You can get a space saving stair lift in Rugby that allows you to travel up and down the stairs while still leaving room for others to walk by.

You will find that the parts of the stairlift can fold up out of the way, including the following:

  • Chair
  • Armrest
  • Footrest

You can also extend it so that you can park your chair around a corner, which can leave your stairway clutter free and open for others to use it. No matter what the size and shape of your staircase is, you can get a stairlift that will save space and stay out of the way.

Curved or Straight Stairlift

Most staircases need either a curved or a straight staircase. If your staircase has a landing in the middle or needs to curve around a turn, a curved staircase is ideal. If you simply need to travel up and down the stairs, a straight staircase will be fine.

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