Is It Possible to Go on Holiday When You Own Parrots?

Do you have concerns about leaving your parrot when you go on vacation? Are you not sure what to do with them while you are away? Do not worry, you have many options. When you own a parrot or any other type of bird, you can still go on holiday as long as someone is taking care of them. Your parrot will not be traumatised by separation if they are being looked after by a caring sitter.

Adaptable Creatures

Many bird owners do not go away on holiday because they think their parrot will be hurt if they are left with someone else. They think that if they leave them, they will suffer from anxiety and all other types of disorders. The truth is birds such as parrots are incredibly adaptable to new environments. Birds who live in homes are just as adaptive as birds in the wild, they get used to new routines without any problems.

If you plan on sending your parrot to bird boarding in Sydney, they will be fine as long as you put them in a reputable boarding facility. Once the staff are well-trained and the facilities are good, they will flourish and enjoy their stay.

Choosing the Best Sitter

You have three options when it comes to choosing a bird sitter, you either go for a highly regarded bird boarding facility, you ask a friend or family member, or you hire a professional to stay in your home. Most people go for the first option, as good quality bird boarding facilities have everything your parrot needs when you are away.

  • In-house veterinarian
  • Purpose built facilities
  • Expert handlers

If you do not want anyone in your home, you may not like the idea of having a bird sitter in your property while you are away. Asking friends or family is another option, but it can sometimes be difficult to persuade them as they may have other responsibilities or simply do not like animals. Bird boarding organisations have many years’ experience providing quality care.

Your bird will be fine once left in the right hands. If you choose a bird boarding facility, you can also ask them to train the parrot while you are on vacation. Some centres have expert bird trainers that do not just care for them, they also offer behaviour modifications and more. When choosing a bird sitter, do a lot of research online and ask friends, family, and work colleagues for recommendations.

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