Cut Your Energy Bills with These Household Cheats

As any money-saving expert will tell you, it is vitally important to find ways to reduce our energy consumption, understand our usage, and lower our costs. But do not fear; there are many things you can do around the home to facilitate change. These range from simple low cost tips to larger permanent changes, which require some level of investment, such as upgrading your boiler or the installation of solar panels. This short piece will aim to give you some great ideas you can use straight away while also considering the wider overall picture.

Making Changes Now

Large jobs like installing loft insulation rolls can significantly reduce your bills but you can also start by turning down your boiler; if you already have a combi-type boiler, turning down the flow temperature will save you over one hundred pounds a year and will not noticeably reduce your home’s temperature. Switching off unused appliances such as computers and televisions at the socket stops them from drawing and wasting power when you are not using them. On cold days only heat the room you are using with a small space heater, and by also turning down radiators in rooms you are not using both, these quick changes will result in another valuable cost saving. One last quick tip is to reduce the temperature you wash your clothes, it sounds minute, but it will achieve another good reduction on your energy bill over the course of a year’s use.

Home Improvement at Little Cost

The next changes do require some amount of investment to improve your home, make it more energy efficient and reduce those energy bills. Firstly, block those nasty and unwanted gaps around doors and windows that let heat escape; using thick curtains and draft excluders in doorways can help reduce costs. Changing your light bulbs and installing energy-efficient LED bulbs can save around sixty pounds per year; they also last longer. Asking your energy provider to install smart meters is also something for serious consideration; it means an end to estimated bills and allows you to monitor your usage.

Investing To Save You Money

The next tips require a higher level of investment but will also lead to more significant savings and noticeable changes in your home. Start by improving the insulation in your roof spaces and loft, this is a job you can do yourself, and it will pocket you nearly four hundred pounds a year in savings. It may well be time to upgrade your home’s appliances; switching to A-rated fridges, dishwashers, and washing machines reduces your energy consumption by around twenty-five per cent over the course of a year. Consider upgrading your double glazing; the heat loss through your windows is second only to the roof and is a major issue in older homes; by upgrading to modern glazed windows, your bills will see another significant cost reduction.

The home improvements listed above are not all you can do; installing solar panels or replacing your boiler with a heat pump are just two more ways to reduce energy usage.

You can make valuable changes to your home and limit your energy consumption, make a start today, and you will soon see the benefits in your reduced bills.

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