Converting Ashes of Your Loved Ones into Special Diamonds Today

We know that our loved ones including our family members and friends have a special place in our life but no one lives for eternity and sooner or later, we have to say goodbyes. In that case, there are only memories of our lived ones left that can keep us happy. There are different options available these days that you can utilize and can manage to remember your loved ones and one of the very popular one is turning cremated ash to diamond and it all depends on you that how you want to customize them. You can choose any color of your choice or you can engrave special messages on the crystals or diamonds to keep the memory of your loved ones fresh in your minds. Different professional companies are available these days that are providing these great services to you and you can rely on them and can tell them all of your requirements and they will be happy to make you the exact piece of memoir that you wish.

Stunning & Genuine Diamond

The process of converting the ashes into the form of a different jewels or crystals is very safe and transparent and you are also the part of complete process. You are able to send ashes in a very safe packaging to the company and after that they will convert it according to your requirements and needs. It is all about your preference that what kind of idea you have in your mind because there are number of options available for you like you can either convert them into a form of unique jewels or small marble pieces but the most common one is converting them into a diamond.

With the advancement in technology, it has become so easy to convert these ashes into a diamond form and it all can be done in few weeks and you do not have to wait for long time. These stunning diamonds are definitely going to keep the memory of your loved ones fresh in your presence and you will feel the connection that you want to have.

Carbon Extracted from Life Elements

Carbon is one of the building blocks of diamond and it can be extracted from human body because there is almost twenty percent of concentration of carbon available in our bodies. When the body is cremated, carbon can be easily extracted from it and then it is used to make stunning diamonds or any other sort of jewels including necklace, rings etc. The carbon that is extracted from the ashes is subjected to high temperatures and after that any shape can be made.

There are also different professionals that engrave various messages by their hands on the crystal and can reshape diamond with ashes according to your choice and requirement. The crystals or diamonds that we extract from mining also possess the same property as they are also made up of the carbon. However, the complete process of turning ashes into diamond is very fast and you get to have the original diamond crystals at the end.

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