Contributing and Make a Difference in the Lives of Foster Care Children

If you are not ready to become foster parents, but still want to contribute in a way, then there are ways to do so. A small help from your side can go a long way in restoring faith and confidence in a child.

Different Ways in Which You can Contribute

Arizona is home to many chssaritable organizations. If you want to be a part of any licensed charitable organization in Arizona such as Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation located in Phoenix, Arizona you can contact them and enquire about the same.

This foundation has provided homes to countless children and helped them get a new lease at life. They are also into scholarships and award programs. There are numerous ways in which you can contribute other than cash.

Contributions can be done in the form of:

  • Donating toys or books to the kids.
  • You can even donate therapy materials that can help kids come out of their traumas.
  • If you are good with providing advice, you can opt for their mentoring programs

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation offers mentoring programs and if you are interested you can always connect with them for the same.

How You Can Reach Out to Volunteer

Contributing to foster homes does not necessarily mean that you donate cash or items. You can even offer to work for foster homes and lend a helping hand. If you are not yet ready for parenting but want to test the waters before taking the plunge, you can opt for fostering a child.

You can foster a child until they are ready to get adopted. If they are not yet adopted and if you feel that you are sharing a great rapport with the child, then you can think about adopting them at a later stage. Bear in mind adopting is a big responsibility. If you are even one bit unsure, this might not be a feasible option at this point.

You can even volunteer to take part in events organized by fosters cares in Arizona. You can check with foster care in your neighborhood and enquire about the same. Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation has some amazing events in which you can be part of. They even have a quarterly volunteer orientation.


Volunteering at foster care helps restore faith in kids. It also helps you see the world from a different perspective and understand the value of what you have in this life.

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